I'm Angie Riechers, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. If you’re looking for hypnotherapy for weight loss near Tucson AZ, I can help you.  

I specialize in helping people finally achieve their weight loss goals.

Let me guess – you're tired, frustrated, and maybe even a little defeated when it comes to traditional weight loss methods.

Diets, exercise programs, you name it – you've probably tried them all.

And while they might offer some initial success, those pesky pounds often seem to creep back on, leaving you feeling discouraged. Believe me, I hear you!

Angie Riechers Hypnotherapy Session

Angie Riechers, CMS-CHt, FIBH
Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist

I have helped many clients who have battled weight issues for years. They have tried every diet under the sun, joining countless gyms, but nothing seemed to stick. They often felt hopeless and ashamed.

But when they discovered hypnotherapy,  let me tell you, it was a game-changer for them. 

Within a few months, clients have lost weight, but also keep it off. More importantly, they develop a healthy relationship with food and exercise, and more importantly with themselves.

 Clients build confidence and empowerment – knowledge is Power! 

Hypnotherapy via Zoom sessions can be provided if you're located outside the Tucson AZ area.

Why Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Near Tucson?

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Near Tucson AZ

Okay, so you might be wondering, what makes hypnotherapy different from all those other weight loss plans.

Here's the thing: Most diets and exercise programs focus solely on changing your outward behavior.

You restrict calories and push yourself at the gym, but often these changes feel forced and unsustainable.

Hypnotherapy, on the other hand, gets to the root of the problem. It dives deep into your subconscious mind, which plays a huge role in your eating habits and weight management. 

 Think of it like a hidden computer program running in the background.

It can be filled with limiting beliefs and negative associations around food, either directly related to the way we were taught about food, and exercise, or can be even deeper, a protection or even an unworthy belief, leading to emotional eating, unhealthy cravings, and sabotaging behaviors.

 Sometimes even the memory around exercise can be influential. For example, a person trying to get us into shape has created a belief.

We then repeatedly say to ourselves that we will never go through that again. This has created a protected mechanism which indeed had a negative effect for our weight. 

Here's an analogy: Imagine you have a garden, but the soil is full of weeds. You can try to pluck them out one by one (dieting, exercise), but they just keep coming back.

Hypnotherapy is like enriching the soil itself, creating an environment where healthy habits can flourish naturally.

When we learn about how to run our machine, by the words we use for ourselves, it becomes easy, and only to find we are the ones getting in our own way.

When we become good with ourselves, give ourselves love, and do our hypnosis daily, creating compassion for ourselves, we then create magic. 

Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind for Success

So, how does hypnotherapy actually work?  During a session, you'll enter a deeply relaxed state, yes you actually can,  it’s similar to daydreaming.

In this state, your subconscious mind becomes more receptive to positive suggestions and visualizations.  I'll guide you through personalized imagery that helps you:

  • Reduce cravings and emotional eating: We can replace those unhealthy food triggers with positive associations, like cravings for healthy snacks or visualizing yourself enjoying a mindful, satisfying meal.

  • Increase feelings of fullness and satisfaction: Hypnosis can help you retrain your body to feel satisfied with smaller portions. Imagine feeling energized and nourished after a healthy meal, instead of sluggish and wanting more.

  • Boost motivation for healthy eating and exercise: We can plant the seeds of motivation and self-belief in your subconscious. You'll start to see exercise as an investment in your health and well-being, not a chore.

  • Develop a positive self-image and a healthy relationship with food: Hypnotherapy can help you ditch the negative self-talk and cultivate self-compassion. You'll learn to view food as fuel for your body, not the enemy.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Near Tucson Can Help You:

  • Overcome emotional eating and unhealthy cravings.

  • Develop a positive body image and healthy relationship with food.

  • Boost your motivation for healthy eating and exercise habits.

  • Reduce stress and anxiety that can contribute to weight gain.

  • Feel more confident and empowered to reach your weight loss goals.

  • Remove beliefs associated with the past, that no longer serve you, and replace them with beliefs that do support you.

Your Success Story Begins Here

Remember the clients that I mentioned earlier?

Through hypnotherapy, they were able to break free from the cycle of emotional eating and self-doubt. 

They learned to listen to their body's natural hunger cues and make healthy choices that felt good. 

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Near Tucson

Now, they enjoy a variety of delicious, nutritious foods without guilt or deprivation. Exercise became a source of joy and energy, not punishment.

Most importantly, they have developed a deep sense of self-confidence and self-love.

Ready to Take Action?

Are you ready to break free from the diet cycle and achieve lasting weight loss success?

Take advantage of our 30-minute consultation for only $19.00. During this consultation, we can discuss your specific goals and answer any questions you might have about hypnotherapy for weight loss near Tucson, AZ.

During this session, we'll discuss your specific goals, answer any questions you have, and explore how hypnotherapy can help you reach your ideal weight.

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