All Packages Include:

  • A personalized Self Hypnosis Recording with therapeutic suggestions and imagery that we create together.
  • Suggested development materials and accelerators to support the process.
  • Support to help you with your progress and success.

Hypnotherapy Session Options

Payments For Hypnotherapy Sessions

One Hypnotherapy Session - Let's Get Started

This is a 90-minute private session where we'll create therapeutic suggestions and imagery together to program your subconscious mind.

During this session, you'll learn how to program your subconscious using the techniques we design together.

The Beginning

Angie Riechers Three Hypnotherapy Sessions

Three Hypnotherapy Sessions - Foundational Package

The Foundational Package gives you 4.5 hours of private hypnotherapy sessions, which is great for most clients.
This package saves you $33.00 compared to buying 3 individual sessions separately.

Essential Package

Angie Riechers Six Hypnotherapy Sessions

Six Hypnotherapy Sessions - Dedication Package

With the Dedication Package, you get at least 9 hours of private hypnotherapy sessions. This extensive training ensures lasting positive results for a lifetime. 

By choosing this package, you save $123.00 when compared to purchasing 6 individual sessions separately.

Greatest Value

Medical/Clinical Hypnosis

  • This program complements and supports the client's current medical treatment from their doctors. Before any session, approval must be obtained from your medical practitioner.

Medical/Clinical Support Hypnotherapy Sessions

Angie Riechers Clinical Hypnotherapy

Ten 90 Minute Hypnotherapy Sessions 

Medical/Clinical Hypnosis helps you concentrate deeply on a specific problem and find solutions. These sessions create a comfortable and relaxed state, giving you better control over your body's responses.

Medical/Clinical Support

Special Offer For New Clients

If you're visiting my website for the first time, I'd love to invite you to have a chat with me! We can talk for 30 minutes about what you need help with, and I'll show you how I can assist you.

You can take advantage of this offer for a small fee of only $19.00. Plus, as a special bonus, you'll get a free Relaxation Self Hypnosis Audio that you can keep forever.

Angie Riechers Discovery Meeting

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