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Getting Ready for Your First Hypnotherapy Session

A Journey Of Transformation and Self-Discovery

Preparing for your first Integral Hypnotherapy ™ session is the first step towards a positive change, healing, and letting go of what no longer serves you. It's an important milestone on your path to personal growth and transformation.

In this article, we'll walk you through what to expect during your inaugural session, so you can feel prepared, relaxed, and supported on this empowering journey.

Hypnotherapy A Journey of Self-Discovery - Angie Riechers
Prepare for your hypnotherapy session

Preparation is Key

Before your session, it's essential to take some time to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. Try to arrive early and in a relaxed state of mind. Consider meditating before your appointment, and avoid consuming coffee beforehand, as it can interfere with the relaxation process.

Entering a parasympathetic state, often referred to as the 'rest and digest' mode, is vital for optimal problem-solving during the session. When you're relaxed, your higher mind functions at its best, to tap into the superconscious effectively.

The "Moving the Mountain" Process

Your first session with Integral Hypnotherapy ™ involves what we fondly call "moving the mountain." It's an opportunity for significant inner work, but it sets the stage for future sessions where we'll create personalized suggestion therapy and imagery techniques tailored to your goals.

During this initial session, I'll ask you specific questions to support your goal. Hypnotherapy leverages creativity to challenge and transform existing belief patterns within your mind. My role is to use the power of words to help you break free from limiting beliefs and habits deeply rooted in your emotions, memory, beliefs, imagination, associations, and even your autonomic nervous system.

Lets move the mountain together - Angie Riechers Hypnotherapy

Sharing Memories During the Session

As we dive into this process, you may find that memories surface. While it's natural to want to share these memories with me, it's essential to keep in mind that lengthy storytelling during the session can extend its duration significantly. We can revisit and discuss these memories later if you feel they are crucial for your healing.

During the session, I'll be working diligently to create suggestion therapy for you. You need to relax and close your eyes while I craft this personalized experience for your benefit. If you'd like, feel free to bring a journal to jot down any significant memories that emerge, as they may prove essential in your journey of release and letting go.

Openness and Collaboration

Integral Hypnotherapy ™ is all about searching and recreating, and it requires your willingness to delve deep into yourself. Open communication and active participation are vital. Trust and rapport between us are fundamental to unlocking the best version of yourself. Rest assured that all sessions are private and HIPAA compliant, ensuring your confidentiality.

When responding to questions, try to use the present tense with phrases like "I feel like..." rather than "we" or "they." This linguistic distinction helps us tap into your authentic emotions and thoughts, making it easier for me to guide you effectively.

Integral Hypnotherapy is about openness and collaboration

The Five Steps - Your First Hypnotherapy Session

We'll work together to create five essential steps during your session:

  • A Goal Achieved Affirmation
  • A Goal Achieved Imagery/Mental Movie
  • An Action Step
  • An Action Step Imagery/Mental Movie
  • A Self-Esteem Suggestion
 These may sound simple, but they are crucial elements of your transformation journey and require dedicated time. Avoid speculating about your responses ahead of the session and focus on staying present

The Hypnosis Experience

After the initial steps, we'll transition into various hypnosis techniques, including relaxation, targeted muscle relaxation, and self-hypnosis. You'll receive a recording of your self-hypnosis to practice at home until you can perform it independently.

Homework and Accelerators
To ensure the effectiveness of hypnosis, I'll provide you with Accelerators, which are your homework assignments. These may include reading specific books, practicing meditation with mala beads, or fulfilling strategic requests. Committing to your homework is essential; it's an investment in your self-love and the creation of your best self. Remember, you are the most important person in this process.

Commit to Creating Your Best Self
Honesty is crucial for your healing journey

Honesty is important in Your Healing Journey

Throughout the session and especially during hypnosis, I'll inquire about your feelings and experiences. Please express your thoughts and emotions truthfully. Your honesty is crucial for your healing journey. This session is all about you and your personal growth.

I eagerly look forward to guiding you on your path to discovering your best self with Integral Hypnotherapy ™. With love and compassion, I'm here to support you every step of the way. See you in your session!

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